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Saferworld - Preventing violent conflict. Building safer lives People first

We put people first, supporting change that empowers local communities to take action and influence decision-making


We challenge the gender norms that cause and perpetuate conflict and insecurity


We work to ensure that peacebuilding processes and governance systems are inclusive and legitimate


We believe in a world where everyone can lead peaceful, fulfilling lives, free from fear and insecurity

Conflict sensitivity

We promote a conflict-sensitive approach to ensure aid promotes peace and does not reinforce conflict dynamics

Latest news and views

Annual Review 2014-15

Saferworld's multimedia Annual Review brings together some of the highlights of our work preventing violent conflict and building safer lives in 2014-15.

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Partnerships for peace: success in Marsabit County

Peace mediators, chosen by pastoralist communities in areas prone to outbreaks of violence in Moyale sub-county, Marsabit, have spearheaded peace and reconciliation dialogues as part of a DFID-funded Drivers of Accountability Project.

CASE STUDY | 2 September 2015

Ensuring citizens are at the centre of Kenya’s devolution process

Community action groups in Muhoroni have inspired their communities to actively engage in the devolution process and hold the county administration to account about the spending of public money and proper service delivery.

CASE STUDY | 2 September 2015

"Now there is peace"

In Marsabit County, Kenya, a history of inter-ethnic conflict within communities means that the process of devolving governance has the potential to reinforce historical divides and reignite conflict. Saferworld and local partners have been supporting communities to address their grievances to ensure that they could come together to collectively and...

RESOURCE | 2 September 2015

Putting people at the centre of devolution

In Isiolo and Kisumu, our work with partners Isiolo Peace Link and the National Conference of Churches in Kenya (NCCK) has providing support to county authorities and their citizens to collectively develop and implement strategies that ensure devolution is a unifying process rather than a dividing one.

RESOURCE | 2 September 2015

Informal comments to IAEG Members on suggested SDG indicators

In these informal comments to the Inter-Agency Expert Group (IAEG-SDGs), Saferworld looks at the latest global indicators proposal. The global indicators will form part of an accountability framework that needs to be ambitious yet actionable if peace, governance and justice issues are to be effectively implemented and monitored.

RESOURCE | 28 August 2015

Prevention, transit and innocent passage under the Arms Trade Treaty

This paper explores the interaction of the Arms Trade Treaty with the right of innocent passage as established by the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). It notes that while coastal States Parties are obligated under UNCLOS not to hinder innocent passage by foreign-flagged ships...

RESOURCE | 26 August 2015 - Cynthia L Ebbs, James Upcher

Arms trade must be dragged out of the shadows with creation of strong new measures in Cancun this week

Control Arms statement on the opening of first Conference of States Parties for the Arms Trade Treaty.

NEWS | 24 August 2015

Bangladesh photography project

Local people in Bangladesh document their safety and security concerns through photography.

Our strategy

Read Saferworld's 2014-17 strategy to put people at the centre of peace and security responses.



The Millennium Development Goals are set to expire at the end of 2015.

Saferworld turns 25

We’re proud to be marking our 25th anniversary. Find out more about our 25-year history and look through our interactive timeline highlighting key Saferworld milestones.